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Hello Gorgeous...! by SammaelsFall
Hello Gorgeous...!
And yet another DSA-Character. Let me present to you a quick sketch of Israfil ibn Najka ay Ras Abris. You've got to love the Tulamids for their names, don't you?
The thing with this peticular fellow is: He's no ordinary Merchant. Oh no he's not! Maybe you can guess from the colours of his shirt (black and purple) - he's a Priest of the Nameless.
After revealing his greatest secret I feel free to let slide all other facts. Have fun buying stuff. He's got something that might interest ya, höhöhö... ;P

P.S: Yes, I know - but he has got heterochromia, so get along with the two eyecolours!
Havel by SammaelsFall
Just in from the dream-factory :3 He was really annoying, I changed the colours of the background and the clothes several times before being pleased with the outcome. So the clothes don't really match the way they are supposed to look, but well, at least Im trying...

For the interested:
This is one of my DSA (das schwarze Auge/the dark eye) OCs. The serious looking half-elf is named Thala Birgelbaum but don't mind calling him that - he won't listen. Since his family is the fantasy-equivalent of white trash and his father (an naive young elf) is not the father of his two brothers and his sister, he and his family don't get along well. They sold his twin-brother to a travelling priest and tried selling Thala to the Academy of Mages (which didn't turn out as wished, since students are obliged to pay their education, NOT get money for it).
So he left the Academy as a quite talented Mage and changed his name to Havel aus Andergast (in loving memory of his twin-brother Havel, which he thought dead or at least lost forever).
Just...Tilde. by SammaelsFall
One already guessed this also is an Dragonball OC, right? Tilde looks in his younger form so much like Cell I really thought about changing his colours or something. It's getting better later, I assure you ;3
While drawing the picture I tried to be as bold as possible, using really flat colours and a fat outline. I like to pretend that this is some kind of photo he took in a booth since it really looks like he's posing for a picture to put on his passport xD
As you can see, the most important feature are his teeth. He's got bunny teeth because of which nobody takes him seriously until he destroys something. All he wanted was to be a rockstar (I'm not sh*tting you here), but his creator was not really pleased with that kind of life-planning (since Tilde was thought to overcome Cell in strength and intelligence). But as often the case something went terrible wrong. He may be strong, but he's really dumb and some kind of naive.
When meeting Hail he decides to make him his - whatever it takes. He wasn't really succesfull until now, but at least Hail isn't anymore creeped out by him after finding out, that Tilde can be a really nice guy (especially when handed a guitar and the order "Rock it")
Now and then... by SammaelsFall
Now and then...
Hey ho! Do you remember Hail? The one drawing I've submitted on dA for years? Well, I was really desperate because I felt I should have at least one piece of art online. So I started out with paint, to create some digital art. Ain't that cute?
So I thought, to start practising on my tablet, I should try to re-draw my one and only digital art piece. So I did.
It is not as much the time between these two, I find quite funny - it's how they were drawn. I wasn't really able to draw a whole body in paint, so it ended up being a circle and a sack for a body. 
This is one of the earlier tries on my tablet, so the colours are a nightmare. I didn't figure out how to colour properly and so... "this" happened. But well, my colouring is better now, I think. I'm working on it.

Blank meme by:…
Yellow Coat by SammaelsFall
Yellow Coat
Some dude in his yellow coat. What else could I say?
...he reminds me on a banana. Maybe he's just reaching out for one. And whistling, while doing so.
Gonna get me some banana *whistle*
Yeah, so I finally surrendered and gave myself in the arms of the digitalized world. The last few weeks I tried to draw with my Wacom tablet and let me assure you that it was not as much fun as I expected. Thanks for the unfunny parts go right to my laptop. It started to have some weird usage-problems when confronted with the task of managing the Tablet-Input and the Paint-Tool-SAI Output. There wasn't a day I didn't end up googling problems of all kinds, starting with "pc does not recognize tablet". Not only did he not recognize it, sometimes my little funnybot of a laptop thought, it would be absolutely hil-a-rious to change settings WHILE I was drawing, so I ended up having an perfectly clear outline and with making one little adjustement, the laptop lost his sensitivity for pen-pressure and drew only fat black lines as if I would be drawing with the mouse rather than the pen. 
The problems occur until today now and then, but I guess, I will get used to them. Well, I have to, if I want to continue drawing, don't I?
But enough Mimimi whiny whiny, let's talk business here.
I decided to load up some stuff so you guys (whoever you are since I've got no watchers whatsoever who I don't know in real life) can follow my long and hard fight to finally get good results in digital drawing. And to fill my gallery. And to show something I drew on the internet and overcome the crippling fear of having to share work with someone other than myself. 
So yeah, let's rock it :3
Coming up next: Uploaded-picture-flood. Please stay tuned.
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